Photography is a simple tool for me to keep my eye tuned. I started collecting images, as a type of scrapbook to help inform my oil painting. Moving from place to place in my daily life, something usually catches my eye. It might be the way a fence obscures some colorful junk in someone’s backyard. It could be the way various surfaces come together. It could even be the side of a dumpster, painted out graffiti or rust on a car. My painter’s eye gravitates toward these interchanges. I would describe the experience as seeing the world around me as one surface: much like awareness of the flatness of a painting, despite the depth of pictorial space. I see paintings everywhere, created by happenstance, timing and attention.

Having a newer phone camera gives me the opportunity to record some of these painterly relations and to capture a densely pixelated source of image data. Often, I’m amazed how the image comes together into a composition that I would otherwise spend hours or days attempting to articulate on canvas. Over time, I’ve accumulated a lot. Today, I have some robust and successful images that hold up in the printing and enlarging process. .

Paying attention to my surroundings and looking for events or the “underneath” of things keeps me in a state of wonder about the world. I thank the art community for this and my definition of what art is has become far more broad than that which resides in galleries or art-spaces. Even though, capturing a moment or describing the content of what my eye sees through an image barely scratches the surface of my experience. sometimes it is enough.

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Kick Led copy Solaris Wick Cloud Believe me 2016Clouds YellowUnderBridge WindowScreen WallLips TrainFrame Schmeer RustSquare RustemPoleValentine RustemPole1 RollupDoor RockPile RedGreyPoster PurpleSlide PressureWasher15 PoleWall2 PoleWall1 Painterly1 MossyQuadrant MayFlower3 MayFlower1 GreenTube GlueSignColumn GeniesRedDoor FullSizeRender DumpsterGraf CreosotePole ConcreteWall2015 BlackWall Weirdoes UpWell Verily Trill The Pacific Storm Over Ages Marks Led Bare