Dignified Insanity–Titled by a fellow traveler and Alpha-Bot, Eric S.

Here is a poem I wrote, days out of the army…

Dignified Insanity 

There was a time we were all together

At that time we had nothing but each other

If the sun rose or stars fell

Creepy silence, hush quiet surrounded us

Separately together

In one moment, not a collection

But one everlasting moment

We felt the fire in our blood

In our souls

The fire was shared—the boiling warmth


The unaware setting

of the infinite metal


Dave Edgar, 1986

Why Not?

Here I am, adding a new feature, my writing and other nonsense. I am taking up this possibility to show up more, make myself vulnerable, put my stuff out there, all to see what happens or does not happen…


Down in the Cellar:

Down in the cellar is where the bodies are. These days they are only bones separated from their flesh. but sometimes, like a flash of lightening illuminating the dark corners of a room, they become animate, talking creatures with their own story to tell. I can see the whisker stubble, smell the clay of their skin and hear their fatigued breath. They are today just bones, but memory makes them alive, gives them voice, gives them meaning.

I used to keep that cellar door barricaded because the living parts of their bodies came up on their own, reaching, and sometimes finding purchase in my life upstairs.

Now the door is wide open, an open invitation, sometimes a dare. A formal request for a visit–a face to face encounter with memory so that the story is not merely a story, but the unavoidable fact of experience.



Tinman: The Heart of Painting at Chemeketa Community College



February 12th, I will have a large selection of abstract paintings on display. The show will be at Chemeketa Community College’s Gretchen Schuette Art Gallery. Try this link for the gallery’s website. The opening is on February 12th from 12:30 to 2pm. Deborah Trousdale, the gallery director, is calling the show a retrospective and it includes paintings from art school to the present. The website says: Continuing our goal of inspiring and informing art students with possible pathways to independence as artists, this retrospective of the work of Portland artist Dave Tinman Edgar traces his development from student to independent artist, which exemplifies the Postmodernist tension between the world of the eye and the world of the heart. I hope to see you there!

National Veterans Art Museum

The National Veterans Art Museum, located in Chicago, has selected three paintings from the HMMWV Landscape Series for their permanent collection. I am happy to donate The Story of the Landscape, Acute Nostalgia and Effortless Effort, to give them a permanent home, to give them some life other than gathering dust in my storage space! Eventually, the work will travel with exhibits around the country and perhaps, the world. Here is a link the National Veterans Art Museum Online Collection, where my paintings and biography ar featured:  NVAM collection online.

New Improved Website!


I want to welcome you to the latest version of my website. Please take a look at the different galleries. The “Paintings” tab includes three different galleries.

I am excited to have something that is easily updated and more interactive than the previous version of website.

I am currently waiting to hear about inclusion in a veteran themed art exhibit at the Pentagon. I will keep an update on this as it develops. According the the curators at the Veteran Artist Program: “This year-long exhibit will grace the halls of the Pentagon where over 25,000 people work daily and thousands visit over the course of the year. Not only is this a great opportunity to showcase the amazing work of veteran artists but to continue to show how veterans lead the way in redefining the arts in America.”

Here is a link to an article about the exhibit.

Also, in Fall of 2013, I will have an exhibit of paintings at The Gretchen Shuette Art Gallery on the campus of Chemeketa Community College. The show will in some sense be a retrospective as it will feature a wide variety of paintings, some featured on this website and some not.

I appreciate you having a look at the art work here, and I welcome any comments or feedback!

Kind regards,


Where are we now? Artists reflect on America ten years after 9/11

Where Are We Now, opens October 5 and runs through November 22, 2011.   America was deeply shocked by the tragic events of September 11, 2001.  Over the past ten years we have moved, year by year, into wars on two different fronts, including the longest war of our national history, a complex and difficult internal dialogue about the relationship between religion and nationalism, and a divisive domestic struggle over the opposing demands of freedom and safety.   These experiences have changed who we are, both as a nation and as individuals.  On this ten-year anniversary of those events, Chemeketa Community College invites the public to join with the college community in reflecting on the changes made by this momentous event in our national and personal lives.  Works by Pacific Northwest artists Rita Alves, Robert Bibler, Scott Blake, Aaron Bowles, David Tinman Edgar, Catherine Epstein, Tatiana Garmendia, Carol Hauser, Thomas Rude, April Waters, and Gary Westford invite the viewer to consider these changes.  Two opening receptions are scheduled on Wednesday October 5, 2011:  12:30-2: 30 PM, and 7-9: PM, with opportunities to discuss their works with many of the artists.  Associated discussions and events, to be posted on the Art Gallery Website, are planned throughout the quarter.  The Gretchen Shuette Art Gallery is on the campus of Chemeketa Community College, 4000 NE Lancaster Drive, Salem Or.  For further information please check the gallery schedule at http://www.chemeketa.edu/programs/art/ or call Deborah Trousdale at 503-365-4726.