Eisenstein’s Folly or “I Sunk Your Battleship”

Article written in art school in 2003 for film class… yeah, art school confidentiality betrayed           The limitations of Applied Dialectics Upon seeing Sergei Eisenstein’s Odessa Steps sequence from his seminal film The Battleship Potempkin and studying his essay in the book, Film Form, titled, “A Dialectic Approach to Film Form,”… Continue reading Eisenstein’s Folly or “I Sunk Your Battleship”

Drawrings–inspired by a dangerous drawer (not the silverware kind)

Selfworth Portrait: 2002 Soldjers Team Leader (Book of Ghosts) UN mission (Book of Ghosts) Off duty (Book of Ghosts) Crash (Book of Ghosts) Block Leave on Post (Book of Ghosts) Get out of yer head (Book of Ghosts) Off Duty 2 (Book of Ghosts) UN mission 2 (Book of Ghosts) Freedom (Book of Ghosts)